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    Senzo 4 Wheel Trolley

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      Brand: Senzo
      Price: £240 Inc VAT
      Retailer: Kkc
      Value: 7
      Quality: 7
      Performance: 7
      Ease of Use: 7
      Kart Review Score: 7

    After the poor experience I had with the Senzo 3 Wheel Trolley, I was eager to see what the Senzo 4 Wheeled Trolley had to offer.

    First Impressions

    When the trolley arrived, I spent a few minutes inspecting the construction and welds. Compared to the 3 wheel trolley, this trolley is much more robust! No flimsy tacks or half welded T sections. I was very happy with the overall quality of the trolley.

    The Senzo 4 Wheel Trolley.

    More attention to detail has gone into the welding of the trolley.

    The trolley does not fold away, but is assembled by slotting the two T sections into their respective slots on the chassis of the trolley. It has two small castors at the rear and two fixed steel wheels with pneumatic tyres on the front.

    The trolley fully erected.

    I decided to check out the two small castors as the main castor on the 3 wheel trolley collapsed on the first use. Much to my frustration, both castors were already bent underneath the trolley! You can see in the image what I’m talking about.

    Bent before it reached the circuit.

    Monty agreed that the castors were damaged.

    I can only think that the trolley is being abused somewhere down the line as the design is more than strong enough to withstand it's intended use.

    I straightened the castors as when they are not level, they will try and swivel the same way, making manoeuvring of the trolley hard work even on a nice flat surface. Which is the main job of a trolley!

    General Use/Observations

    The front T section of this trolley has no pegs or stops to prevent the kart from sliding sideways, and possibly falling off the trolley. The rear T section has V slots which the chassis rails sit in. This stops some sideways movement at the front but I still felt uncomfortable letting the kart move so much. I ended up tie wrapping some old OTK rear bumper rubbers to the T section either side of the chassis. This idea worked fine and I had no more issues with the kart moving. It is possible that Senzo have decided to not include anything on purpose for some reason, but I am struggling to come up with a good explanation.

    Modification to stop sideways movement of the kart

    The rear T bar has adjustable sleeves so you can match the width to your chassis rails. I did find that on an EVR chassis that there was no suitable placement for the V slots without having the kart too far forwards or too far backwards. I ended up having the V slots sitting behind the engine mount and on the left side the V sat inside the triangle area of the chassis. This actually resulted in the T section having a slight twist in it, however this didn't seem to be an issue.

    You can see the V cup style holders here.

    I have previously avoided this design of trolley due to the small castors. You would imagine that they would not handle the rough terrain of many UK circuits very well. Their small size also means the weight is not spread so would dig into grass etc.

    If you thought this, you would be CORRECT.

    The trolley is terrible at handling anything but the smoothest circuit paddock (PFI). We were testing the trolley at Clay Pigeon and the 15 meter walk from our awning across hardcore to the main path felt like I was trying to navigate a zimmer frame to the summit of Ben Nevis. I was left with bruises on my forearms at the end of the day, as you have to support the rear of the trolley using the handle provided. So essentially you are only using the two front wheels. This would not be so bad if the handle was long enough to protrude from the rear of the kart, but it's not. You end up pulling the handle upwards and have the rear bumper of the kart resting on your forearm taking somewhat of a pounding.

    The handle helped, but was too short to get hold of when the kart if on the trolley.

    Once I reached the path everything was fantastic, the noise of clattering castors and cursing ended. I would imagine Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) felt a similar kind of emotion/relief as he climbed out of the sewage pipe into freedom in the 1994 classic “Shawshank Redemption”.

    In all seriousness, the trolley is brilliant on flat surfaces. Small bumps and potholes can be dealt with thanks to the larger pneumatic tyres on the front which alert you to the obstacle. You can then take the weight of the small castors to allow them to skim across the top of said obstacle.

    The rear castors also make manoeuvring the trolley in tight spaces very easy. I found it much easier to place into our team awning without knocking everything off the table or ramming the side of a team mates kart. So, if you only have a small awning, this trolley is great! We had three karts in a 6x3m awning.

    My new found hatred of foam filled tyres, meant that I was very happy with the pneumatic tyres fitted to this trolley. They work perfectly. You put air in them, and they become round. They then carry on being round for the duration of their life. They do sometimes require a quick service which involves placing more air into the tyre. Simples.

    The wheel. No need to re-invent this.

    One negative in comparison to the 3 wheel trolley, is the exclusion of the four prongs to hang a set of tyres on. This came in handy for keeping your wets with the kart, you could also place them on the correct corner, which stopped any embarrassment of putting the wheel on the wrong side of the kart. I see no reason why these could not be included on the trolley. I will be fitting my own.

    Further Observations (and a bit of a review of the retailer)

    It appears as though the rear small castors are effected more than just being noisy and cumbersome on uneven ground.

    I just had a close look at the solid tyre material and there is chunks missing at various points around the tyre.

    Tyres chunking

    I don't see this as a fault of the trolley, but more misuse of the trolley. Now, as I mentioned earlier, anyone with half a brain cell would be thinking that this trolley will be unsuitable for rough ground, so you wouldn't buy it. You would buy the three wheel senzo with nice large "off-road" style tyres, which is exactly what I did. I received this trolley as a "free upgrade" as it's more expensive than the three wheel trolley. I should have asked for my money back and bought another brand of three wheel trolley.

    I am now left with a trolley which is not much use to me unless I got to a very flat circuit. I could send this one back too explaining that it's just not what I need. Honestly, I had that many issues replacing the first Senzo trolley that I just don't have the time or patience to be going down that route.

    Without going into details, and having a good old moan, let's just say that the retailer in question will be lucky If I continue to use their services. And that will be the end of that.


    If you race at PFI, buy this trolley.

    If you race at a circuit which has vast areas of hardcore or grass, don’t. Stick with a standard three wheel scissor type trolley. For their price, they really are the best option.

    If you race at a circuit which is in the middle, then this trolley is usable. You will have to make sure you set up your awning as close to the main pathway as possible otherwise you will find yourself getting frustrated trying to rally this trolley around.

    The trolley is really well made (In comparison to the Senzo 3 Wheel trolley) and when in the correct environment, works like a charm.


    • Excellent build quality
    • Stable
    • Manoeuvrable


    • High Price
    • Limited terrain suitability
    • Lack of wheel pegs

    Link to Senzo 3 Wheel Trolley

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