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  1. For whatever reason, I want a Honda E! I'm not really sure why, but hey. After looking into this you're looking at around a 6.5k deposit and then £259+ p/m (PCP over 3 years). Now, I'm sorry, but for a car which can only travel 120 miles on a single charge, that is just way too expensive for most people. I feel like the Honda E would be a second (or third) car for a middle class family to use for short commutes in the city or a work commuter. For most people, those kind of payments would likely be expected for a "main" use car. A multi purpose, go anywhere, do anything daily. Let's have a look at some other options.. Honda E (Standard model) - 137 Mile Range OTR Price: £27,180 Deposit: £6,549.26 Monthly: £259 Over: 3 Years Final Payment: £14,526 Miles Per year: 8,000 Renault Zoe - 234 Mile Range OTR Price: £27,595 Deposit: £6,550 Monthly: £168 Over: 3 Years Final Payment: £12.232 Miles Per year: 8,000 VW ID.3 - 216 Mile Range OTR Price £27,135 Deposit: £6,391 (Maximum Deposit) Monthly: £206 Over: 3 Years Final Payment: £14,070 Miles per year: 10,000 MINI Electric - 140 Miles OTR Price £26,000 Deposit: £6,550 Monthly: £235.15 Over: 3 Years Final Payment: £13,094 Miles per year: 8,000 Without going into EVERY brand available (because nearly all mainstream brands are now offering an all Electric option), you can see that You are looking to spend at least £25k to get into the all electric market. Renault have 0% on their PCP deals when you commit enough money down as a deposit which makes it the cheapest EV option. I've used the example of a 6.5k deposit, but in reality, who wants to give up 6.5k of their hard earned cash on a PCP deal only lasting 3 years? So the £168 per month may look attractive at first glance, but that leaps up to £350 p/m with £0 deposit.. Interestingly, for 3 years, £0 deposit and 8000 miles per year, it's actually £5 cheaper per month to go with the 3.9% deal rather than the "0%" deal. This is down to Renault's larger dealer contribution on the 3.9% deal. Internal Combustion Equivalents? It's actually quite hard to find the actual Equivalent due to the manufacturers loading the "EV" models with extra features. Some of which you may not need, or desire.. Below is a table comparing the "Base" models with Internal Combustion engines to the "Base" EV options. I've used the "On The Road" cost (OTR) as trying to use finance examples with all of their slight differences doesn't really get the point across. ICE EV Model Cost Model Cost Honda Jazz Hybrid SE i-MMD £19,045 Honda E (Standard) £28,215 Renault Clio £16,200 Renault Zoe £27,595 VW Polo £17,800 VW ID.3 £30,395 MINI ONE Classic £18,005 MINI Electric £26,000 When you combine this increased cost with the current difficulties facing EVs on a daily basis, it's clear (to me) that EV isn't really a viable option TODAY. With the governments decision to ban ICE cars by the year 2035 (but still allowing some HYBRID vehicles..?) Could we see the ICE second hand market hold strong after this point? Will ICE vehicles be the weapon of choice for the masses for the foreseeable future, and what can the government do about this? Is EV actually the answer? The monetary cost of EV is realistically only a small factor in an industry which has seen it's biggest shake up.. Ever. Can the infrastructure be built quick enough? Will the infra be compatible across all vehicles and for how long? Will the cars need updating? Will the chargers needs updating? Will there be an ACCEPTED ISO standard and will we stick to the standard for 5 years? 10 years? Or would this slow down the current rapid advancement of battery and charging technology, due to the lack of incentive for manufacturers to fund R&D? A quick search seems to suggest there are multiple "Standards" currently, which kind of defeats the object. The big players (manufacturers and electricity suppliers/retailers) need to agree on the most efficient and practical standard, then implement it into all EV vehicles. There are so many questions surrounding the transition to EV in an incredibly small amount of time. Written by somebody who has little interest/knowledge in the industry but quite fancies an EV. So, as of 19/08/2021 EV is not an option for me, nor 85% of the population.
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  8. Still quite a few bugs (such as the wacky chain) but they have been fixed recently. This video is meant to demonstrate the AI capabilities. I can't say I'm amazed by them but it's hard to tell until we get our hands on it.
  9. Entries as on 6th December: • Mini Max: 19 • Junior Rotax: 45 • Senior Rotax: 57 • Rotax 177: 34 • Honda Cadet: 58 • Junior TKM: 37 • TKM Extreme: 49 • KZ2: 10 • IAME Cadet: 47 • Mini X30: 18 • Junior X30: 40 • Senior X30: 35 • TOTAL: 449
  10. Below is the provisional calendar for the 2019 British Karting Championships: ROTAX (Senior Rotax, Senior Rotax Max 177, Junior Rotax, Rotax MiniMax) 30-31 March: PFi 25-26 May: Rowrah 29-30 June: Mansell Raceway 17-18 August: Clay Pigeon 14-15 sept: Forest Edge 12-13 October: Whilton Mill IAME (Senior IAME X30, Junior IAME X30, Mini X30, IAME Cadet) 12-14 April: PFi 10-12 May: Shenington 7-9 June: Larkhall (subject to track extension) 12-14 July: Rowrah 23-25 August: Wigan 27-29 September: Whilton Mill TKM INCLUDING HONDA CADET (Senior TKM Extreme, Junior TKM, Honda Cadet Championship*) 27-28 April: PFi 18-19 May: Rissington 22-23 June: Fulbeck 27-28 July: Shenington 7-8 September: Kimbolton 19-20 Oct: Whilton Mill *Will have its own championship title. KZ 18/19 May – Rissington 22/23 June – Fulbeck 27/28 July – Shenington 7/8 September – Kimbolton
  11. The new name of the Motorsports Association, Motorsport UK. See below for Motorsport UK's press release concerning the name change Along with the new name, there are HUGE changes being made to the format of "MSA" karting in the UK. If you were expecting to see SuperOne hosting the British Karting Championships in 2019, think again! In a shock move, Motorsport UK have created a new department called Karting UK Operations. This department will be responsible for hosting the British Karting Championships in 2019. Motorsport UK have announced the team of individuals who will be running the show. Click below for the official press release. Now, it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to realise that the team is essentially made up of Trent Valley Kart Club committee members. TVKC run their club meetings at Paul Fletcher International (PFI). Hopefully we will see fair decisions benefiting all the clubs within the UK. Here is what MSUK say about the 2019 British Karting Championship: MSUK have announced which classes will be ran as British Championships in 2019, these are: Bambino (6-8 Years) Comer Cadet (3-13 Years) Honda IAME Junior (11 - 16 Years) IAME X30 Mini Rotax MiniMax Junior TKM IAME X30 Junior Rotax Junior Max Senior (15 Upwards) IAME X30 Rotax Max TKM Extreme KZ (Gearbox 16+) SuperKarts (Long Circuit - 16 Upwards) 125 National 250 National 450 2019 will see a return of the KZ class. Early indicators are that this class will be ran to the KZ2 CIK regs as opposed to KZ UK which Super 4 utilise. Will SuperOne survive as the UK's premier IKR series? Will this move be a positive one for club level racing? Can MSUK run a successful British Karting Championship? Will Super 4 continue to enjoy large grids for KZ UK? There are many questions which will only be answered in time. Such a big shakeup is bound to produce winners and losers and we just hope that ultimately it has a positive effect on karting in the UK. We are interested to see how this will pan out as it really is the biggest change to UK karting in the last 20 years. See below topic to keep up to date on the 2019 British Karting Championship
  12. Also, the lace thing never really caused any issues over the years. That was just me being anal in the review!
  13. It's 4-5 years later and I'm still using these boots! They have seen better days and the toes have small holes in them from the constant battering of the UK paddocks. I think i'll splash out in 2019 on a new pair.. *Runs off to see if they are still available*
  14. This fell flat on it's face... It's two years later and the review we wrote is, to put it simply, useless. Black Delta (developer) has been silent for over a year... Until recently! The game has been released on steam for Early Access users at a discounted price. We will likely write another review but its hardly the exclusive review we promised years ago! We hope to start this in Jan/Feb. Paul.
  15. Due to a huge software update and negligence on my part, the site will be undergoing some much needed TLC. The Classifieds section is gone for now as it was incompatible with the new software. Hopefully this will be re-introduced at a later date. Stay tuned!
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