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    Tillett P1 Rib Protector

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      Brand: Tillett
      Price: £158 exc VAT
      Retailer: Tillett
      Value: 7
      Quality: 9
      Performance: 10
      Appeal: 10
      Effectiveness: 10
      Kart Review Score: 9.2


    New for 2015, the Tillett P1 is Tillett's top of the line rib protector.

    Here is what Tillett say:

    "The 2015 P1 affords you the highest level of rib protection and comfort available without increasing the thickness, or reducing the feel from the chassis.

    The P1 has adjustable rear angle to adapt to many different body shapes. The soft suede-plastic outer skin does not allow the bolts to damage the race suits, whilst the rigid internal composite side panels spread the loads perfectly and retain their shape even on a hot day.

    The P1 has a comprehensive 6 model size range, to suit the smallest bambinos up to the largest adult driver, with a ladies versions also available."

    The rib protector is available in Blue, Grey and Red. Today we have the blue variant and we think the Blue is the best colour, obviously.

    Tillett are a well respected seat manufacturer and have been making Rib protectors for a good few years now. Their Ribtec series gained huge popularity and are the best selling rib protectors in the UK.

    First Impressions

    Let's be honest, this rib protector looks cool! The suede material used on the outer shell really polishes off an already excellent design.

    Here are a few images of the protector.




    The protector is made up of two panels on each side. These panels are attached by a patch at the rear sporting the "P1" logo. This patch uses ultra strong Velcro to align the two panels and keep them in the correct position.

    The two panels can be angled to suit different body shapes and once set, should be left alone.


    The shoulder straps connect to the patch using a simple foam connector. There are no solid plastic parts here so the protector retains its comfort.


    The usual Velcro shoulder straps are used and again, once set should not be altered.


    The main chest fastener has elastic built in and stretches across to a Velcro pad on the opposite panel.

    It is available in sizes; Cadet, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large. As with all items of clothing/safety equipment, we recommend you try this on before you buy it. Better still, go down to Tillett and have them set it up for you properly.


    Metal loops are used to attach the shoulder straps to the front of the protector.



    The P1 Logo on the rear is a really nice touch.

    In Use Observations

    Our on-track observations will follow.


    This rib protector is all about comfort. There are no protruding buckles or fasteners, and such is the thickness of the protector it sits inside your race suit with minimal interference with the karts seat.

    The protector is right at the top of the line in terms of quality and performance, but also in price costing £158 + VAT.


    • Excellent Comfort
    • Excellent Performance
    • Styling
    • Adjustability
    • Size range


    • Price

    A brilliant piece of equipment from a manufacturer with proven credentials. Simple design and simple results.

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