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  • Olly Waind
    Olly Waind

    Sparco K-Formula Kart Boot

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      Brand: Sparco
      Price: £60 Inc VAT
      Retailer: Demon Tweeks
      Value: 8
      Quality: 9
      Performance: 9
      Appeal: 9
      Effectiveness: 9
      Kart Review Score: 8.8

    First Impresions
    As you would expect from Sparco, these boots certainly look the part. Elegant with the usual hint of Italian passion and flair. Not as "in your face" as some offerings from the likes of Adidas, Alpinestars etc. but Sparco do seem to be a little more conservative where styling is concerned.

    These boots are available in 5 different colour options. Red, Blue and black suede and white or black calf skin. The calf skin being the easiest to keep clean, better in the wet and from experience I'd say harder wearing too.

    They appear to be nice and lightweight, certainly lighter than the Sparco k-mid boot. They also feature the now standard "wear patches" on the sides that were missing on some of Sparco's older models and are definite high wear area of any race boot.

    General Use/Observations

    As soon as you take these boots out of the box you know they are well made but you would not expect any less for the price tag. They are made of good quality leather of the "baby cow" variety. Soft and supple whilst hard wearing, very lightweight and easy to wipe clean.

    When I slipped my feet into these boots I was stunned at how comfortable they are. They have an extremely soft tongue and are very easy to slip in and out of due to having a large opening at the top unlike some other boots I have tried.


    On the back of the boot there is a neoprene bellow for enhanced comfort and flexibility which is a nice touch.


    At the track these boots are exactly what I would expect a kart boot to be. They have been comfortable, hard wearing and provide you with good feel through the soles of your feet when driving the kart.

    One of the best things about these boots over the suede boots I have used in the past is their performance in the wet. As you will all know here in the UK we are almost guaranteed to have at least a couple of wet meetings throughout the year. I was surprised and satisfied after a couple of wet sessions to find my feet had stayed relatively dry and the boots were still easy to remove and dried out quickly on the heater in our van. They are also extremely easy to clean and stop your feel getting drenched walking around in a muddy, wet paddock, whilst also not wearing out like suede does when it gets wet.

    A top quality, good looking and comfortable boot. Easy to clean in calf skin form and I would say better for UK weather than the suede option.

    Not the cheapest boot on the market by any means but the quality certainly reflects the price.


    • Looks good
    • Lightweight
    • Comfortable
    • Well made
    • Keep your feet dry in less than monsoon conditions.


    • Price
    • conservative styling

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