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    Olly Waind

    Bengio Bumper Carbon Rib Protector - Quick Review

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      Brand: Bengio
      Price: £129.95
      Retailer: Grid Kings
      Value: 7
      Quality: 8
      Performance: 10
      Appeal: 10
      Effectiveness: 10
      Kart Review Score: 9

    As the name suggests, the Bumper Carbon is the carbon fibre version of Bengio's benchmark Bumper range.

    First Impressions

    As with the "old" Bumper, you get some high density foam wrapped in a hard shell complete with straps. Its a really simple design but does a fantastic job at protecting your body during the extreme physical demands of karting.


    The carbon looks identical to the original Bumper. However, Bengio claim that the shape is slightly different and gives a better fit, I couldn't tell the difference mind you. Its slightly lighter and looks more appealing as the outer part of the shell is made of carbon and everyone loves a bit of carbon.

    General Use/Observations

    The foam used is the same "Textontm480" as used in the normal Bumper and therefore does exactly the same job as before.


    The carbon fibre shell is actually two layers of fibreglass like the old Bumper with a thin layer of carbon over the top. Apparently this gives extra strength and saves weight but the difference is hardly noticeable if we are totally honest.


    As with the normal Bumper the Carbon gives you the protection you need against those horrific rib injuries that some of us have become all too familiar with. If you are on a budget then get the normal Bumper as there really is very little between them. But if your like me and you like a bit of carbon fibre then why not just spend the extra £20 and have the Bengio Bumper Carbon.

    There have been reports that this rib protector can actually increase the trauma to muscles around the ribs if the protector is ill fitting. Such is the nature of the hard shell, it will not flex to your chest shape so it is imperative that you make sure it fits correctly.


    • Looks excellent
    • Lightweight
    • Hard wearing


    • As we pointed out with the normal Bumper, make sure you get the correct size as if it doesn't fit right it will be slightly awkward.
    • A good fit is essential for the protector to work properly.

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