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  • Olly Waind
    Olly Waind

    Bell RS3-K Helmet

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      Brand: Bell
      Price: £298.80 Inc VAT
      Retailer: Demon Tweeks
      Value: 9
      Quality: 8
      Performance: 8
      Appeal: 9
      Effectiveness: 8
      Kart Review Score: 8.4

    Bell's entry level karting helmet, the RS3-K is Snell K2010 approved. Like the RS7-K its overall design is based on one of Bell's popular race helmets, the RS3 Pro.

    First Impressions

    Once again Bell have done a great job with the looks of this helmet. It has a slightly more rounded shape to it than the RS7-K but in my opinion, it still has quite an aggressive style.


    The helmet has a "duckbill" chin spoiler which is unlikely to give any kind of aerodynamic advantage in the karting world but it's a nice touch. It's personal preference whether you like it or not. If you don't, consider the RS7-K.

    General Use/Observations

    Overall this helmet is very similar in build quality and weight as the RS7-K. The main difference I can see, is it does not come with a double screen anti-fog visor, which may cause it to be slightly more prone to steaming up. Although, after having raced in the wet with this helmet we experienced no such issues, probably due to the design at the front which sees extra air intakes at the bottom of the chin.


    The helmet fits very nicely as you would expect from Bell and is similar in size the RS7-K too, which is slightly smaller than the Sport series helmets.

    The helmet has lots of ventilation holes. not as many as the RS7-K but I'm not sure it would benefit from having any more as it would seem fogging is not a problem with this helmet once you are on the move. I did manage to steam it up by sitting here at my computer wearing it with the visor closed and a little heavy breathing but I'd say its a bit of a pointless fact since there is no air going through the ventilation holes.



    There is a top intake available for this helmet that fits over the top vents if you feel the need for a little extra ventilation or even if you just like the look. I personally think it adds nicely to this design as can be seen below on the CMR version of this helmet.


    Whilst on the subject of accessories there don't seem to be any pattern spoilers available for Bell helmets meaning you will likely have to pay top whack for a spoiler.  I have been informed that you can use ones made for Arai helmets as the fit is very similar. Whether they would need any modification to make them fit properly I am not sure.

    Keep your eyes peeled for our review on the KC3-CMR version of this helmet in the near future for a comparison on weight, size and overall build.


    As with the RS7-K this helmet wont break the bank and to be honest from using both helmets the choice really comes down to which one you like the look of. Sure the RS7-K has that double screen visor, which probably explains the slight price difference but you can buy a double screen visor to fit this helmet anyway if it bothers you that much.


    • Looks good
    • Good value for money
    • Bell build quality


    • Expensive accessories.
    • No double screen visor

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